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Jesse S. Mitchell I had a dream that was the same as Romeo and Juliet. Except in this case the hero of the story was a small coiling spiral Of double helix DNA And it was a tiny lump of highly protein encrusted couch fluff To which it was conjoined. And they floated together on… Read more.

Born in Africa

Jesse S. Mitchell Ball of lightning, we were born in Africa. (I must remember to note the unique way, sunlight travels through the sky, exposing different tinges of blue, each in its own clarity.) Scheherazade, we were born in Africa. (I must remember to note the unique way a story’s plot resembles a flat horizon,… Read more.


Jesse S. Mitchell Little fishes swim in murky water. Little fishes swim eating chunks off the surface. Little fishes swim in little circles, making little waves. I don’t believe in revisionist history or interventionist gods. I don’t believe in Heaven. And I don’t believe in agony. I stumble past all these anachronisms with grace falling… Read more.


Jesse S. Mitchell If something moves, make-believe it is a heartbeat. If something shines, make-believe it is a light. A star. A pulse. A shove. A push. If a curtain falls, believe it is a show, if the action stops, believe it is the end. Just wait. An echo. A noise. A purpose. A crash…. Read more.


Jesse S. Mitchell I am here to praise the perpetual motion of all the moments that pass quickly away. From birth to death, I go to the ends of all things, to the ends and edges, fringed and frayed (tzitzit). From condensation to evaporation, a tiny drop of moisture in this world, a bead of… Read more.