Your Night with That Smell of Burning

Your Night with the Smell of Burning Chrome •ø• In memories brought back by the smell of burning chrome— ghostly wisps only there in your knowing of what’s to come— you feel the non-weight of your future children’s hallowed hands upon you forehead. They live in a place called Neomantis, and you know it to… Read more.

Open Face

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Open Face “You see the eye, while others eye the sea.” —Edwin Meek, 2007 º•º•º 1) Folk Dance • Hear the nearly traceless earthly hum through cabbage eyes and beetles’ legs Silly soldier, silly crumb Silly haunts and silly drums Hear them say, heel, flat, long, toe, short, long, heel, row, disarm, flee, now grow… Read more.

You Punch Face Too

Blood Blur Image

“Blood Blurs” by K. Shawn Edgar


Dig on

this elliptical ovation

sounding the walls

of your boney fortress


Degrading with each

revolution, and

your processionals

diminish with each passing


Those morphemic divisions in cell structure

crumbling under


a personified lamplight

memorial or lone firefly


lost in your face fusion

can divide no further


Belly dance


punch it punch it


back up to full triumph



attracted to faces


cheering crowds

attracted to a showy


blood bathing loner nymph


Dig on



your fighter stance and power lashes

may not fly with the mayflies


but for the starving crowds, elliptical processions

of victory will only please them more

Eat an Image

“Eat Human Delight” by K. Shawn Edgar

The. Birthing of. Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr Image

“weapons of choice” by K. Shawn Edgar


The. Birthing of. Donkey Kong Jr.

By K. Shawn Edgar


A brother’s love

is muscle pumping

deeply into the Sea

of a sister’s fraternal



Father’s always right,

and now

brother’s never wrong


He, a bodybuilding smile

She, a builder of mirth illusions


Like cob in the northwest,

she ages with a glimmer

of healthy sheen outside,

and a withering rot inside


He grows bolder with cheers,

travel, and island sunshine

always forcing fraternal luv

when fate draws sis to bro


Nine months, now, are gone

The water, it flows turbulent

between reluctant thighs;

a cry is heard in 8-bit tones,

a hammer raised high


Then, with simian grace,

a fluid-slicked, furry head

pops our live-action bubble

exposing cartoon colored

platforms and ladders


The hospital becomes level 1

as little DK jr. begins to climb,

leaving sister and brother

shaking violently on the floor


Hold your Stake Up

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÷÷÷÷÷   Hold your Stake Up Sunshine knuckle pucker until the crank bolts buckle it’s a give take hustle skin tread bone cement lock the knees antigravity skid pop smoke burn bubble All’s same as catch kick takedown until high knee to chin ratio throw down—two times so see reptiles swim ’round Ants cry to… Read more.

The Queen’s Rusty Spanner

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The Queen’s Rusty Spanner by K. Shawn Edgar  ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ lodged in her gob from where it came no one’s ever known —the rusty spanner —the broken teeth but she isn’t dead she’s only been bled a little to a liter to a lean —white witch high over head hoist your Jacks we’re gathering at the… Read more.