putting me in a building
doesn’t make me functional :putting
drugs in me
doesn’t make me
functional it is by will alone
i set my function in motion thanks frank
for that one
putting drugs in me in a
building is
interesting ,and comes with
good food. The
heavy metal on my eyes is
not a pair of coins, they are
and when i get a look at you
we can trade

©Peter A. Greene 2015


japanese robins (sp ace craft m an

japanese robins (sp ace craft m an

earth +

when the machines came for us

i called through the net for my

best  friend , he said  : we are

no longer needed, let us

take great form and

leave  ,and go

exploring  , so


took my time and

eventually settled upon the

idea  of  a  steel  bird  with

blue  ion  drive  wings, beak (go lden )

capable  of smashing an d

gobbling asteroids, as a

bonus   i shit gems,  and


took   the  form  of   a

space  craft man,  with

boots   of fire  , and  we

flew   away

©Peter A. Greene 2015


reflecty blue wrinkly

everything is

realpoetik :  the tug

on the water black on

one side white the other makes

the reflecty blue oh, more so

it’s 4:50

trees dark muzzle behind it  coasty

bc does photographs real justice

but this 

the dog can see, and

the eu calyptus

©Peter A. Greene 2015

a shaman thing

       a shaman thing

i want to rename

my savings

account: i was thinking


holdings’ or ‘transitory’ or

perhaps just

ephemeral  it’s

funny how debit sounds bad and


sounds good , well

credit sounds good right now the

dog needs bones and

i  must smoke ; it’s a



©Peter A. Greene 2015

up there

                                         up there

mohammed pajamas

met jesus bathrobe

they were

chillin over a miniature replica

of the Temple

Mount, drawn straight from

history  it was

adorned with tiny figures

mobile, worshipping

they waited for the other guy but

he never showed

©Peter A. Greene 2015