Your Night with That Smell of Burning

Your Night with the Smell of Burning Chrome •ø• In memories brought back by the smell of burning chrome— ghostly wisps only there in your knowing of what’s to come— you feel the non-weight of your future children’s hallowed hands upon you forehead. They live in a place called Neomantis, and you know it to… Read more.

Open Face

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Open Face “You see the eye, while others eye the sea.” —Edwin Meek, 2007 º•º•º 1) Folk Dance • Hear the nearly traceless earthly hum through cabbage eyes and beetles’ legs Silly soldier, silly crumb Silly haunts and silly drums Hear them say, heel, flat, long, toe, short, long, heel, row, disarm, flee, now grow… Read more.



putting me in a building
doesn’t make me functional :putting
drugs in me
doesn’t make me
functional it is by will alone
i set my function in motion thanks frank
for that one
putting drugs in me in a
building is
interesting ,and comes with
good food. The
heavy metal on my eyes is
not a pair of coins, they are
and when i get a look at you
we can trade

©Peter A. Greene 2015

japanese robins (sp ace craft m an

japanese robins (sp ace craft m an

earth +

when the machines came for us

i called through the net for my

best  friend , he said  : we are

no longer needed, let us

take great form and

leave  ,and go

exploring  , so


took my time and

eventually settled upon the

idea  of  a  steel  bird  with

blue  ion  drive  wings, beak (go lden )

capable  of smashing an d

gobbling asteroids, as a

bonus   i shit gems,  and


took   the  form  of   a

space  craft man,  with

boots   of fire  , and  we

flew   away

©Peter A. Greene 2015


reflecty blue wrinkly

everything is

realpoetik :  the tug

on the water black on

one side white the other makes

the reflecty blue oh, more so

it’s 4:50

trees dark muzzle behind it  coasty

bc does photographs real justice

but this 

the dog can see, and

the eu calyptus

©Peter A. Greene 2015

a shaman thing

       a shaman thing

i want to rename

my savings

account: i was thinking


holdings’ or ‘transitory’ or

perhaps just

ephemeral  it’s

funny how debit sounds bad and


sounds good , well

credit sounds good right now the

dog needs bones and

i  must smoke ; it’s a



©Peter A. Greene 2015