Radio Lady Voice

image of car radio interface set to 98.9 FM

image by k. shawn edgar

A lady-voice pilots
this music station
over the radio waves

Ninety-eight nine

It goes out like this:

♒ a song ♒
♒ the voice ♒
♒ a song ♒
♒ the voice ♒

Digital lady tunes ♫
flatly engaging ♬
my mind
my hands
the steering wheel
with less fluidity
than her articulated phrases
her pauses falling like rain

I love the lady voice lonely
impersonator of our flesh
tones ♫ and ♬ frequencies
going out like an impossibly
consistent human friend

None as consistent, lady voice
You’re the one, only one

None have your comforting

your soothing silk glimmer

˜♫ ♫ ♪♫ OF ♫♪ ♫ ♪♫˜µ

Its realness-like tempo
tapping my steering wheel fingers
long unraveling physical life
itself spooling around inside
my open-verse ears

It’s hailing now
car window open
Hail adding cold
tempo tapping
to the approach

Your last words.